About Mithaecus

Who We Are

As part of Bicol “magayon” fast growth plan towards high-income status, the tourism industry is expanding at a tremendous pace. Bicol has plenty to offer to tourists from the Philippines, or around the world – whether it is about exploring the beautiful beaches, taking pictures near the majestic Mayon volcano, shopping in malls, or attending a literary or religious festival.


Mithaecus Institute for Culinary and Hospitality was established in February 2018. The school was designed for scholars, professionals, non-professionals, as well as for Hospitality and Tourism Management students who wish to enhance and develop their knowledge, skills, and attitude (KSA) further in the hospitality industry.


We offer domestic certifications, international diploma courses as well as lifestyle courses covering all important subjects of culinary and hospitality education.


The school is closely involved with the latest developments in its core disciplines and maintains strong links with academia, industry, national and international bodies, and with their alumni. Students get to learn about organic foods, nutrition and wellbeing, value-added food products, food safety, quality enhancement, culinary performing arts, food innovation, food management systems and culture. This ensures that graduates are much sought after and have the skills and knowledge necessary to compete at the highest level.


While some career fields with large numbers of candidates are competing for limited jobs, the hospitality and tourism industries are booming and are looking for qualified candidates to take their place in hotels and restaurants across Bicol.

Together with our partners and sponsors worldwide, we design and implement programs in which participants reach across – and live across – boundaries and borders.  And, we do this in an atmosphere of mutual respect, organized collaboration, and fun.

Operating for the past 8 years we, the Apicius Culinary Arts administrators and staff, believe that we have achieved success as a training ground for culinary arts and hospitality management. Not only that, but our students also have their own share of success and are very proud to be and to have been a part of the school. Apicius provides hospitality courses and for the last 3 years, we are proud that our students are now working in a prestigious hotel, for we value quality and our reputation for maintaining high standards. We continuously emphasize the importance of positive work values and ethics, not only through our theoretical training but also through the practical training we provide for our students.

Since then, the group has grown from a handful of talented and highly qualified instructors with sure values in food safety, teamwork, respect, commitment, responsibility, and being genuine professionals.

Today Mithaecus develops quality, instructional-sound curriculum, content, and educational solutions for the on-ground blended, and learning environments. Mithaecus works with career schools, higher education institutions, professional organizations, government agencies, and partner K-12 schools.

Mithaecus students will leave the institution well-trained with advanced knowledge and qualified for the challenges they will experience in the workplace – whether local or abroad. We have partner industries and placement agencies that provide our students with opportunities on cargo ships, cruise ships, hotels and restaurants, locally and internationally which is an excellent advantage to our institutions and the students alike.

Our Vision

Mithaecus Institute envisions itself as an educational service provider, committed to the formation of its individuals for the culinary and hospitality industries.

Our Mission

  • We’re committed to provide holistic academic and training programs

  • We’re dedicated to educate and mentor students, professionals and non-professionals through knowledge enhancement, skills development and value integration to meet the challenges of the global hospitality environment.

What We Provide

  • A world-class institution providing global quality culinary and hospitality education with multiple affordable learning programs.

  • A student-oriented institution.

  • International Pathway Programs where students may continue their studies abroad after they graduate.

Our Goals

  •  To create a quality educational provision where world-class educational resources, supplies, management and consultancy can provide an integrated educational solutions to today’s educational challenges.

  •  We strive to become a high value added consultancy company and provide genuine solution to businesses

  •  To become a catalyst for improving the over-all environment impression of the hospitality and Technical-Vocational Education and Training (TVET)